Harsingar International School is a co-education institution located at 36, Gaurabagh, Kursi Road, Lucknow. It is affiliated to Home Board but we are following CBSE base pattern. We offer formal education play group to class 8th in English medium. We at Harsingar International School accompany each child to get the high quality education using fun and interactive activities which are greatly inspired by the Indian culture but enable the child to learn about the basic etiquettes. Mr. Rekhansh Patel is the director of the school who has been looking after the school since 1 April 2017.

Our school is equipped with many big and airy classrooms and all the other essential facilities which are required for providing quality education to the kids. There is a big play area for the kids to play indoor and outdoor games. State-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced study environment help the students to form a strong education base. We are easily accessible and greatly affordable to all the sections of the society. There is a well-equipped library, computer lab, and science lab. In addition to these, there are well-equipped activity rooms. Educational tours and excursions are also organized to help the children to learn more.

We aim to provide comprehensive education to the children so that their all round development can be done easily. We offer the best platform to the parents who are looking for a contemporary education for their kids. We are highly concerned with the development of child right from the beginning by providing them a structured learning system through an innovative and systematic manner. In a very short span of time, we have been able to set our school different from the other schools in terms of quality of education. We make efforts not only to educate the children but also try our best to inculcate the moral and human values in the students to create a better society and make the students achieve their goals.

At Harsingar International School, teachers follow the basic methods to teach everything to the kids through reading , writing, and various interactive activities. Our highly qualified teachers come from a diversified background and have the passion for teaching. Our teachers are caring and sincere. They put their best efforts to impart knowledge and good manners in the children. They are compassionate with kids and ensure that they handle each and every child in a loving manner. They do not pressurize the kids for studies but help them to explore their real talent and motivate them to achieve their life goals by following their passion. There will always be a positive reinforcement from the teachers for 360-degree development of the children. Parents can be assured that their lovely kids are in the right and safe hands.

Period tests and examination helps the students to assess their performance. The assessment is done as per the latest CBSE norms without any kind of biasness or discrimination. All the students are treated equally at our school and they are given equal opportunity to learn and grow.

Different types of enrichment activities are carried by our school to create interest of the students in other activities and grow their skills while having fun. Sports activities to art and music activities, all are organized for the children to allow them to participate. Multiple activities are consistently being added which gives a vast area for the kids to learn and play. We are constantly making efforts to take Harsingar International School at the top of the list of quality schools in Lucknow and to let it be a shining example in the education sector.

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